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Manitoba Christian Websites

Manitoba Christian Websites
Here's the list of Currently available Manitoba Christian websites at... CrossCanadaSearch

Arts and Entertainment:Drama Theatre Performing Arts

  • Oak Valley Productions Inc. - Based out of La Riviere, Manitoba , Oak Valley is a non-profit theatre production and education organization whose mandate is to encourage Judeo-Christian and moral family values through the creative expression of the arts and the enjoyment of outdoor leisure activities. We facilitate both an outdoor amphitheatre, hosting southern Manitoba 's Passion Play - [ details ]

Arts and Entertainment:Sports Fitness and Recreation:Camps

Business and Finance:Book Stores

  • Faith & Life Press - This Christian publishing company for the General Conference Mennonite Church has a Canadian office in Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]

Business and Finance:Christian Businesses

Children and Youth:Youth Groups

  • Children's Ministry - This is a resource for those adults who are in Children's Ministries within the church. This is a new approach to children's ministry put forth by the Mennonite Brethren church- Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • Youth of Peace - The website for the youth group of Peace Lutheran Church of Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]

Children and Youth:Youth Ministries

Church and Denominations:Individual Churches

  • Grace Mennonite Church - This Mennonite church is located in Steinbach, Manitoba . It is affiliated with the Canadian Conference of Mennonites and the General Conference Mennonite Church. - [ details ]

Computers and Internet:Web and Internet:Internet Services

  • Big Red Switch Computer Services - We can provide web site design, web hosting, software design/integration, networking products, sales of hardware/software, purchasing advice, and nearly anything computer related. We are located in Dauphin, Manitoba , but would be willing to travel if necessary. - [ details ]
  • Painless Domains - Domain Registration Service. One year registrations for $14.97 USD. Portage Manitoba . - [ details ]

Computers and Internet:Web and Internet:Regional Web Indices

  • Jesus Manitoba .com - Your Christian guide to Manitoba . Includes news, events, concerts, churches and resources. Portage Manitoba . - [ details ]

Computers and Internet:Web and Internet:Search Engines

  • Christian Search Engines Newsletter - Keep up to date on all the latest developments in Christian search engines, portals, and directories. News and commentary. Monthly Free newsletter. Portage Manitoba . - [ details ]

Computers and Internet:Web and Internet:Webmaster and Design

  • Christian Coffee and Creativity - Website describes email community. Come for a coffee and see what we are about, download some free stationery while you are there! Winnipeg Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • Webmaster Tools for Canadian Christians - The creator of CrossCanadSearch and Canadan Christian Banner Network shares tips, information, and reviews on website promotion, design and traffic-building strategies. Email newsletter also available. Portage la Prairie Manitoba - [ details ]

Computers and Internet:Web and Internet:Webspace and Hosting

  • Free webpage at - Tell the world that you are a Canadian Christian right in your name. Get a free domain 20 Megs of webspace with online templates or FTP access. Includes a free email account Portage la Prairie Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • Chazm Web Services - Professional Webhosting service, domain registration services, domain forwarding services, search engine installations, cgi installation and modifications, Christian search engine promotion service. Portage la Prairie Manitoba . - [ details ]

Education:Bible Schools College University

  • Canadian Mennonite University - Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian university formed by Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Concord College and Menno Simons College, colleges committed to the biblical message and the work of Jesus Christ, and rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite faith tradition. Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • OuttaTown - Concord College School of Discipleship, based out of Winnipeg Manitoba , but going global. - [ details ]

Education:Educational Resources

Education:Elementary and Secondary

Education:Graduate and Seminary

  • Providence Theological Seminary - An evangelical institution whose purpose is to serve the Church, in the accomplishment of its mission, by preparing and supporting leaders, developing resources, and facilitating theological reflection. Otterburne, Manitoba - [ details ]

Evangelism and Missions:Foreign Missions

  • Gospel Missionary Union - The Canadian office of Gospel Missionary Union is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba . It has the frontier missions as its focus and has 400 missionaries in 4 of the continents. - [ details ]

Evangelism and Missions:Relief and Development Agencies

Media:Broadcasting:Radio Programmes

  • Righteous Radio - - Righteous Radio on Sundays 7-8 PM 101.5FM Winnipeg Manitoba Christian music with a kick! None of that light CCM stuff... you'd be surprised what's out there for God... everything from techno, alternative, swing, ska, rock, punk, and hardcore. You'll hear local bands like The Undecided and the Arch Rivals, as well as popular bands like DC Talk, Cloud2Ground. WWMT, Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones, and Audio Adrenaline. - [ details ]

Media:Broadcasting:Radio Stations and Applicants

  • CHVN95.1fm - Today's Christian music - Music that is safe for the entire family. From Avalon to Sierra, DCtalk to Newboys. Winnipeg Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • Freq 93.5 FM - Winnipeg Manitoba Christian rock station. Name and Frequency change as of Sept 2000, now its Freq 107. - [ details ]

Media:Broadcasting:Radio and TV Ministries

Media:Broadcasting:Television Programmes

  • It's a New Day - It\s a New Day, the flagship program of Trinity Television, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada, has a heart to preach good news to the poor, set the captive free, and heal the brokenhearted. Founders Willard and Betty Thiessen along with their guests are there Monday to Friday on your television screen, ready to enter your living room with some solid life-changing teaching. Our site offers you the basics of Trinity Television, our newsletter, a book shop, upcoming guests, and much more. - [ details ]

Media:Broadcasting:Television Stations

  • InTuneTv - New Day Ministries, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada is applying for a 24-hour Canadian Christian music video channel: IntuneTV. This site gives the basic CRTC application, as well as the desires and goals of the proposed station. Before us we have an opportunity to expand Christian Canadian broadcasting, support our national artists, and give our youth the alternative they want! Click your way in to find out WHO we are, WHAT we wish to do, and what YOU can do to help! - [ details ]

Media:New Media:Mailing Lists

  • Jesus Manitoba Newsletter - Click to subscribe to this occaisional newsletter with information on developments of this Manitoba Christian portal. Portage Manitoba . - [ details ]


  • Thirdway Cafe - Thirdway Cafe is produced by Mennonite Media (Mennonite churches of Canada & USA sponsor it). The Canadian office is in Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]

Media:Print:Magazines and Journals

  • MB Herald - Mennonite Brethren Herald is the Canadian magazine for the MB conference. Winnipeg Manitoba - [ details ]


  • ChristianWeek - Canada's Christian News Source - Winnipeg Manitoba based paper covers Canada from an evangelical perspective. A window on Christian faith & life in Canada. ChristianWeek is a bi-weekly, trans-denominational newspaper. Find stories, editorials, movie reviews, comment, columns and career ads online. - [ details ]

Ministry Resources:Pastoral Resources

  • Ideabank: Resource for Christian Ministries - This is a quarterly newsletter published by the Board of Christian Education Ministries. It is an up-todate resource for anyone working within a church ministry. Published by the Mennonite Brethren in Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]


  • Every New Day - Every New Day is a 3 piece fast skate punk band from Winnipeg Manitoba . Technical and Melodic. (ie The Undecided/Nofx) - [ details ]
  • Farfetched - Salad Dressing Records recording artists Farfetched remind me of Face To Face and The Ataris. Winnipeg Manitoba band. - [ details ]
  • Starfield Online - Home page of Winnipeg Manitoba Christian band Starfield. Members include Tim Neufeld, Jon Neufeld, Adrian Bradford and Dave Miller. - [ details ]


  • The Rock Band - The Rock Band is a 3 piece melodic pop punk rock band from Winnipeg Manitoba , the band formed after the break up of former band Shambles (bass player now plays for The Undecided) - [ details ]

Music:Concerts and Festivals

  • Festering 99 - Brandon Manitoba Christian Music Street Festival. Includes a Praise night and an alternative - Hard Music flavour. - [ details ]

Music:Fan Pages

  • Christian Music - Jake - Jake consists of three brothers Toby, Marty and Josh Penner who have great harmony. I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba and this cd has amazing lyrics to it. - [ details ]

Music:Internet Audio Video

Music:Music Industry

  • Northern Sites - Canadian Christian Music Links Directory. Portage Manitoba . No longer active. - [ details ]
  • Remnant Records - Winnipeg Manitoba record label for modern worship experiences. Includes Andrew Smith, Norm Strauss, Kim Johnson, Ari Neufeld, David Ruis, Rick Leaf, Darrin Janzen, Say No More. - [ details ]

News and Events:Conferences and Seminars

  • Media Ministry Conference - Media Ministry Conference 2001 will the second national gathering of Canadian Christians working and ministering in graphic design,Internet,publishing,radio,television,and writing. Please join us May 18 and 19 2001 in Winnipeg, Manitoba . Media Ministry Conference 2001 is produced by Charles Morrison of Chazm Enterprises and David Spencer of RockLake. - [ details ]

News and Events:Events

News and Events:News Commentary

  • Third Way Cafe - This MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) website has U.S.A. and Canadian concerns. The Canadian base is from mbc/Family Life Network, in Winnipeg, Manitoba . It is a news commentary on topics: immigration, racism & peace. (Canadian & American) - [ details ]

Online Interaction:Email Lists

  • Webmaster Tips for Canadian Christians - The creator of CrossCanadSearch and Canadan Christian Banner Network shares tips, information, and reviews on website promotion, design and traffic-building strategies. Portage la Prairie Manitoba - [ details ]

Online Interaction:Online Forums

  • CMB Schmooz Zone - Discuss Canadian Christian Music. Forum includes discussion by Canadians about Canadian Christian music. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba . - [ details ]

Online Interaction:Personal Pages:Individuals

Organizations and Ministries:Associations and Foundations

  • Mennonite Disaster Service- Canadian Office - The Mennonite Disaster Service is a branch of the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) & has 5 regions within North America. The Canadian Office & Headquarters are in Winkler, Manitoba . It sends volunteers to natural disasters (floods, tornadoes etc) of the world. - [ details ]
  • The Mennonite-Polish Friendship Association - This association seeks to promote reconciliation & friendship between the Poles & Mennonites , since WW2. It is sponsored by the MB Conference in California but has a Winnipeg, Manitoba base in Canada. It publishes a newsletter periodically. - [ details ]

Organizations and Ministries:Camps

  • Red Rock Bible Camp - Red Rock Bible Camp is an Inter-denominational, evangelical children's Bible camp located near Rennie, Manitoba in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. - [ details ]

Organizations and Ministries:Children

Organizations and Ministries:Evangelism

  • Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood - Illusionist Greg Wood of Morden, Manitoba presents a show of illusions, music, and comedy together with audience participation that illustrates Gospel truths. - [ details ]
  • Myrtle Ministries - Mission - To love the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly through an itinerant ministry of preaching and teaching, that specializes in Evangelistic Services, Revival Services, and Deeper Life Services. (Based In Winnipeg, Manitoba ) - [ details ]

Organizations and Ministries:Men

Organizations and Ministries:Revival

Organizations and Ministries:Youth

Personal Growth:Depression and Grief

  • Facing Death - This site deals with the grieving process & all the personal aspects of a funeral. It comes to us from Winnipeg, Manitoba . - [ details ]

Personal Growth:Marriage Divorce and Family

  • Family Life Network - FLN is the former MB Communications operated out of Winnipeg Manitoba by the Mennonite Brethren. - [ details ]

Personal Growth:Pregnancy

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Winnipeg - This Crisis Pregancy Centre of Winnipeg, Manitoba is a non-profit, Christian, charitable organization (not a political organization). The goal is to provide information & support for its clients. - [ details ]

Theology and Apologetics:Creation

Theology and Apologetics:Theology

  • Christianity and Culture - All aspects of Christianity and its relation to culture: ethics, anthropology, ecology, sexuality, religious pluralism, spirituality, other religions. Winnipeg Manitoba . - [ details ]
  • Theology Courses - The 8 various Theology Courses offered at CMBC (Canadian Mennonite Bible College- Winnipeg, Manitoba ) are described here. - [ details ]

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